Composites have emerged in recent years, from those dark days when no one knew precisely what they were buying, to become proven engineering materials that provide new found confidence in structural applications. Composites are now used for the key structural components in the world’s largest aircraft, to major civil engineering projects such as bridges and structures that will resist extreme operating conditions for 100 years or more. The design and engineering teams at composite solutions group are able to draw upon many case studies and past projects to ensure your structure meets the demands of your application.

Manufacturing companies are constantly challenged to introduce more efficient products while reducing costs and increasing product life cycle. Our engineering design services team use CAD, CAE tools to Design and Optimize the products, Analysis, simulate respectively to meet specifications, simultaneously reduce time-to-market and development costs while helping clients meet their requirements.

The product development life cycle for various products- industrial design, engineering design, CAD modeling and detailing, to simulation, analysis and prototyping, product testing, tooling and manufacturing.