Composite materials offer nearly unlimited freedom of design, allowing exploration of innovative design concepts for many products.

Team one Composite-Engineers provides the critical communication necessary to start clients down the path to the full benefits of composite design and construction such as free-form shapes and monocoque structures.

Designers utilize a variety of industry standard design techniques from hand sketches to complete photo realistic 3D renderings to convey composite design concepts to clients.

Covering every aspect of design, Team one Composite-engineers Group offers: conceptual design, drafting, rendering, digitizing and optimization services for applications constructed from composite materials.

We use common 2D and 3D software to meet our customers’ needs.


We approach “DESIGN”: A problem solving path that uses methodologies and facets. Our methodology, an inter-disciplinary activity: market research, observation, brainstorming, cognition, ergonomics, and form study help us generate concepts, develop the solutions for the clients’ requirements, then validate and produce prototypes.

  • Industrial Design
  • Engineering Design
  • Detail Design
  • Tool Design
  • Prototyping
  • Production support
  • Program Management
  • Project Management
  • Compliance to standards and specifications


The railway products are very critical and should be manufactured with standard tolerances and dimensions specified in the technical requirement. The selection process is important to deliver a perfect product, meeting the client specifications. A proper mix of the raw materials is taken care and done to cater the product specifications. The in –house facility at our work includes various process like RTM, VRTM, contact moulding, compression moulding, vacuum bagging etc.

The other facilities are painting, Assembly, Finishing etc.

Interiors Products:

  • Interior Side Walls
  • Door pillars
  • Ceiling panels
  • Flooring
  • Seats
  • Partitions
  • Cab interiors
  • Drivers desk
  • Guards compartment
  • First class compartment
  • 2 Tyre AC coach
  • 3 Tyre AC coach
  • Composite coach

Exterior Products:

  • Front ends
  • Front Masks
  • Top ceiling covers
  • Under fairings
  • TSI Comply toilets
  • RDSO Comply toilets

Toilet systems:

  • UIC Comply Universal toilet
  • UIC Comply Standard toilet
  • UIC Comply Crew friendly toilet
  • RVAR Comply toilets
  • TSI Comply toilets
  • RDSO Comply toilets

Standards used:

  • NFF
  • UIC
  • DIN
  • ISO
  • RDSO
  • RVAR
  • TSI