We have a team of engineers widely experienced in the design of composite cooling towers. Based upon the codes and standards published by the Cooling Tower Institute, our team has been responsible for the design, manufacture, fabrication and pre-assembly of some of the world’s largest composite structures. Using the latest Structural Calculations, Innovative Designs, composite joint expertise and a wealth of process knowledge we can provide a complete service from the basin up........

  • Risers & Headers
  • Structure
  • Fill supports
  • Decks
  • Cladding
  • Access Systems

Now considered a material of choice from the technical and economic standpoint, composites have gained an important slice of the cooling tower market. With over 20 years supply experience, composite solutions group has an in-depth knowledge of the successful application of composite materials in cooling tower applications in a wide range of chemical, environmental, climatic and dynamic service conditions. We can provide a package of services from design to installation.