TOC composite poles are high tech and innovative. Manufactured by centrifugal casting of pultrusion from inhibited unsaturated polyester resins selected to suit the reinforcement geometry to meet the structural needs and complemented with a polyester non-woven veil to ensure a resin rich finish that provides durability and long life. TOC composite poles offer a modern solution to traditional problems. They are used in places where of other materials face serious problems, such as coastal areas where salinity may be detrimental as well as marshlands and areas with high temperature fluctuation. Essentially, Composites Poles are well suited for locations where traditional materials struggle to offer a definite and lasting solution.

Unlike steel or aluminium, glass fiber reinforced thermosetting composites are anisotropic by nature. In street furniture, such a as Poles and Masts, their anisotropy is used to advantage by ensuring frangible failure, in the event of a road traffic accident, thereby saving lives.

In addition, there are no surface treatments as with traditional poles, which will leech out into the ground or atmosphere. Composite products are non-polluting, have a long life and can be reused in a different location as if they are brand new. Hence, Team One Composites Poles offer an ecological solution, as well as saving lives.


The excellent mechanical properties and resistance to chemical and corrosive attack combined with simple installation techniques have evolved a wide variety of uses for TOC Composite Poles to develop. TOC Composite Poles are aesthetically pleasing in any outdoor situation because of the wide range of color choices and the pleasant appearance.

  • ​Installation of electric lighting poles
  • Installation of telephone lines
  • Installation of overhead lines or lighting in chemical plants
  • Traffic lights
  • Directional Sign Systems
  • Road lighting
  • Lighting of small and large leisure areas and Sport complexes
  • Urban equipment lighting of parks and other open spaces
  • Lighting of parks and other open spaces
  • Advertising signs and standard poles
  • Poles for protective barriers