FRP Machinery Covers

TOC FRP Machinery covers and accessories meet the highest international standards. Produced from carefully selected resin systems, TOC is designed to deliver many years of reliable service, outperforming the traditional materials they replace. FRP Covers are lightweight, easy to fabricate and install. Especially acceptance of FRP in many major industries has made them the first choice over steel, not only for its advantages & performance but cost competitiveness. Comparable with steel at the installed cost stage, their low maintenance and long life means a significantly lower life cycle cost than that of steel.

Renowned for their high strength, corrosion resistance in the harshest environments, long life and safety, we know that the FRP material is being used in the Structural, Industrial, and Transport, Aerospace applications. Apart from that this material can be used on machines which extract/process the rock, Ores & mineral crushing as covers and accessories.

FRP can be molded in to any shape with the Hand layup process, the simplest of the fabrication processes; hand lay-up is used in low-volume production of large products, require low investment, higher operating skill, and versatile shapes of product that need single high quality surface finish.


  • Wide range of part size potential
  • Parts have one finished surface and require secondary trimming
  • Best for low-volume, large and/or complex components
  • Best for production rates of <1,500 parts per year*
  • Lowest cost tooling option
  • Can accommodate single or multi-piece molds
  • Preferred method for prototype development - design changes are easy