TOC Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic (GRP) pipes manufactured with polyester, Vinylester and Epoxy resins using either the dual helical filament winding (discontinuous) or continuous advancing mandrel filament winding technique, offer superior corrosion resistance, high mechanical and physical properties as well as the ease of handling, transportation and installation, when compared to traditional materials.


  • Durable and Corrosion Resistant
  • Does not produce rust or scale- suitable for potable water
  • Low Weight ¼ the weight not ¼ and 1/10 the weight not 1/10
  • No external or internal coatings required
  • Flow efficiency allows down sizing
  • Design life of 50 years
  • Zero Maintenance Costs
  • Low internal friction, resulting into low operating (pumping) costs
  • Constant hydraulic characteristics over time
  • Low Life-cycle Costs
  • UV Resistant
  • Suitable for high service pressures and temperatures
  • Easy & reliable joining mechanisms
  • Suitable for underground and above ground applications


TOC Corrosion Resistant Glass-fiber Reinforced Piping products meet the demanding needs of industry to transport corrosive and non-corrosive fluids for various applications, viz.

  • Oil & Gas industry-offshore & onshore such as crude oil transmission lines, water injection, multiphase fluids.
  • Water transmission and distribution ( Portable & Raw )
  • Irrigation pipe systems
  • Sewer & Drainage pipe Systems for Industrial, Chemical, Sanitary & Storm Water
  • Firewater Systems
  • Paper and Printing Industry
  • Power & Desalination – Sea water Intake and Outfall, Cooling Water Lines, Brine