Composite process engineers will adapt or develop manufacturing processes in either thermosetting or thermoplastic composite materials.

This work often involves setting up pilot production lines with the capacity to meet quality levels and projected demand for the product whilst minimizing wastage. It can be undertaken within Composite's workshops or at the company's premises.

Composite has specialist expertise in all the main manufacturing processes. Including:

  • Filament winding
  • Pultrusion/pulwinding
  • Vacuum infusion IRTM
  • Autoclaving
  • Vacuum bag moulding
  • Sheet and panel production
  • Membrane forming


Composite has two workshops dedicated to prototyping thermosetting and thermoplastic polymer composite structures.

Thermosetting processing facilities include vacuum bag moulding, contact moulding, resin injection and vacuum infusion moulding. At present, the company is looking to invest in pultrusion and filament winding facilities, which it currently out-sources Thermoplastic processing facilities include vacuum bag moulding, sheet and panel making, pipe and pipelining and membrane or diaphragm moulding.


Composite undertakes small coupon testing as well as large component structural testing within its workshop, we also out-source specialist requirements (for example fatigue and electrical testing) and tests which have to be undertaken independently by accredited test houses to international norms.

Composite will supervise all testing and analyze results to ensure that the product is it for purpose and certified to any regulatory norms.


Team one Composite-engineers is fully experienced in preparing business plans to introduce new materials and products.

We can prepare business plans encompassing all the necessary background, technical, environmental, financial and aspects associated with new product development We can assist clients with the presentation of business plans to in-house board members as well as external investors

We have access to investors who are active in supporting new product ventures in composite materials


Composite has wide-ranging expertise in project managing to time. Cost and quality in material processes and product development projects.

  • Composite manages all phases from concept and prototyping to set-up and commercialization
  • We utilize the latest project-management software programs
  • We use staff with many years’ experience in designing, developing and launching new products for companies on an international basis
  • This experience is both invaluable and essential for the putting together and manning of programs which are realistic, achievable and flexible enough to accommodate any changes during the course of a project


Composite will assess the market potential and quantify the opportunity on a European or international basis of changing or developing an existing product in composite materials.

This often involves identifying the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of a proposed solution as well as any competition, intellectual property protection and legislation which could impact on the market opportunity. It is essential in new product development that there is a clear and quantifiable market need or 'pull' for the composite product.