Team One Composites is here to serve the customers with all composite and FRP pultrusion solutions with the best quality and commitment.


This machine is suitable for producing F.R.P. (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) Sections in different shapes and sizes like Angle sections, ‘C’ Channels, Hollow Rectangular and Circular-Tube Sections, Solid Rods, Modular house wall section profiles, Grating section profiles, Deck Panels etc,.


The Pultrusion process is a highly automated continuous fiber laminating process producing high fiber volume profiles with a constant cross section.

The process starts with the support of the reinforcements. These can be glass, carbon or aramid and in a roving/tow, mat, woven or stitched format. The material is pulled into the infeed area where it is accurately formed to the required shape and impregnated with a resin matrix. The resin matrix can be polyester, vinylester, epoxy or phenolic. From the infeed area the impregnated reinforcement is pulled into the heated pultrusion die. The resin matrix is such that it solidifies and cures within the die. The cured profile exiting the die is allowed to cool before being clamped and pulled by the reciprocating puller units. The puller units reciprocate in a hand over hand motion, with the return stroke being faster than the pulling stroke to give a smooth continuous pull at a constant speed irrespective of the pulling force required. From the puller units the profile passes into the flying cut off saw where it is cut to the required length.

Products widely used in the following industries:

  • Agriculture and chemical industries.
  • Construction industry.
  • Aerospace industry for manufacturing of structure components of aircraft.
  • Electrical power engineering.
  • Commercial production.
  • Automotive industry.


Pultrusion Mould manufactured from selective alloy steel with precision machining, grinding, polishing and hard chrome plating in useful surfaces followed by accurate assembly and inspection for assured productive performance and easy handling, We can supply complex pultrusion dies as well as hollow pultrusion dies with mandrills and performers. TOC can offer a complete turn-key tooling package to its customer's machinery.








Creel Rack

The creel rack has a number of wooden shelves on which the internal unwind roving are stood. Each roving has an individual set of guide eyes located on the underside of the shelf above. Mounted on the front end of the rack are the tensioning devices. The tension device consists of a two sets of interlocking polished rods. The bottom set is fixed, while the top set are mounted on a pivoting framework. The degree of interlocking can then be varied to give differing fiber tensions. The top rod framework has an adjustable locking device fitted with a linear scale. This can fix in position by means of a locknut.

Mat Stands

Mat stands are, in general, installation specific and are custom designed to suit the specified product ranges and pultrusion machine configuration.



  • Manual functions
  • Electrically operated roll drive
  • 2 mandrels for 76mm and 102mm cores
  • Roll size 620mm x 2000mm
  • Electrical supply: 380-440/3phase


  • Can cut full spectrum of materials
  • Variable roll speed 0-75 rpm
  • Blade canister contains 15 metres of continuous blade

Mat Roll Slitter

The machine is free-standing and has been designed for ergonomic efficiency and simple operation whilst offering many sophisticated features unique to TOC machines.

Standard features

  • Machine tool precision and reliability
  • Precision width cutting by rotating the mat roll and cutting with a narrow blade moving in the vertical plane
  • Blade carriage mounted on precision ways
  • Precision ballscrew driven blade carriage
  • Heavy duty stress relieved welded steel base
  • Mat roll held on expanding mandrel with urethane pads. Adaptor pads for alternative core sizes.


  • Machine Length: 2,960 mm
  • Machine Height: 1,720 mm
  • Machine Width: 900 mm
  • Working floor space required: 10 sq metres
  • Maximum roll diameter: 620 mmdiameter
  • Maximum roll length: 2,000 mm long
  • Roll Core diameter: 76 and 102mm
  • Cutting width increments: +/- 2.0 mm
  • Cutting width tolerance: +/- 2.0mm
  • Roll speed: variable 0 – 270 rpm

Resin Mixing Equipment

Resin mixing requirements vary according to the scale and complexity of each pultrusion installation. TOC engineers can provide expert advice on equipment needs and supply quotations where appropriate.

The following is typical list of items required for a new, medium to large installation:

  • Resin mixing machines
  • Resin mixing machine stand
  • Resin mixing tanks
  • Industrial scales
  • Small scales
  • Small mixer
  • Filler bins
  • Resin trolley
  • Barrel lifter
  • Forklift barrel attachment
  • Manual barrel trolley
  • Barrel stands
  • Barrel taps
  • Small resin transfer trolleys
  • Resin transfer pumps and piping
  • Barrel bung remover
  • Acetone taps
  • Solvent recovery unit


Profile section cutters come in standard and customize size. Options are available in single cutter, double cutter and single cutter with programmable cut length for individual profile lines. Cut length is triggered by physical limit, input from digital length counter or non-contact sensor. Dust collection port provided, should be connected with plant dust collection system or individual dust collector.

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)