Team One Composites offer the state of art technology in producing the FRP Poles through FRP Pole Machine.

The Main Technology involved is the centrifugal casting method.

Centrifugal force means An object traveling in a circle behaves as if it is experiencing an outward force. This force, known as the centrifugal force. Casting of Products using this process is known as centrifugal casting.

Main Components of FRP Pole making machine.

  • Centrifugal Casting Pole Machine
  • Resin Tank
  • Control Panel

Centrifugal Casting Pole Machine

  1. Produced using the state of the art technologies*
  2. Built on a heavy tubular structure to contain vibration and rotational loads.
  3. Core consists of molds and bearings inside running for up to 12 meters in length with a tapering of 17mm/meter.
  4. Machine frame can be dismantled and assembled depending on the length of the pole production.
  5. Pressure gauges and temp gauges are provided to control the pressure and temperature of coolant.
  6. A see through gauge is provided at the bottom to maintain oil levels in the base tank.

Resin Tank

A formulated resin is stored in the resin tank. This resin is used to bind the mats and help in solidification of the pole.

A uniform thickness of the pole can be achieved through proper resin formulation.

A Stand is provided at the bottom for the movement of resin tank for the smooth flow of resin in to the molds.

Control Unit

A PLC is used to control the Speed of rotation of molds, helps in achieving uniform thickness of pole. This unit helps in attaining the desired RPM for the Molds to govern the law of centrifugal force. All controls are properly mounted in a proper designed enclosure.

FRP Pole Machine Accessories

  1. Mat Cutter
  2. Trolley for Pole Carrying
  3. Machine for Pole Fabrication
  4. Machine for Rolling of Mats on Mandrel